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The Conjure Witch


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Hello and welcome to my page I come from a long line of witches. I have over 18 years experience and have ran across many different situations. I started Spell casting at a very young age, my grandmother discovered I had the gift and taught me how to use Utilize it.
 It was a lot to handle at such a young age, but over time my gift progressed and I grew to be a very powerful witch. 
As A Psychic Reader I offer Tarot Card Readings and Oracle Readings.  I have clientele from every walk of life. All of the oils and amulets that I use in casting spells, I created myself.
 I have a lot of experience with the supernatural and strange alike, so with me you will find no judgement. I’ve studied with different witches of many religions, however don’t let the word “Witch” fool you. People have a misconception about witches believing that most of us are “devil worshippers” not to say that there isn’t some out there. However many of US refuse to follow the path of evil and have a code of ethics. I believe In The threefold law. I’m a Christian and still practice magic. I call upon the four elements and work with spirits.
My goal in life is to help bring peace, guidance and a better quality of life. I can help you to change your path to a better one. Sometimes obstacles and blockages can stand in our way no matter what religion or walk of life we come from.
The Positive Thing Is That Things Can Change With A Touch Of Magic!

Love Spells
Road Openers

Court Cases
Conjure Oils

Tarot and Oracle Readings
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