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The Conjure Witch


Readings & Spells

Love Spells
Helps Stops Infidelity
Court Case Spells
Road Openers
Money Spells

Psychic Readings
Tarot Card Readings 

Oracle Readings

Conjure Oils & Amulets 

Much Much More!



A Better Quality Of Life Is A Phone Call Away.


What We Offer

The Conjure Witch offers different types of psychic readings; including tarot card readings, oracle readings, wax readings.
We also use powerful ancient methods to perform rituals and spells that were created by the conjure witch family line and passed down from generation to generation to help our clients improve their lives.

List of Services

Love Spells​

Stay With Me

Love Me Or Burn

Stop Cheating

Jezabel Remover

New Love Attraction

Don’t Leave

Honey Jar

Sugar Jar

Call Me Communication Spell

Fatal Attraction

Fiery Lust

Domination Spell

Old Flame

Rekindle Love

Come Find Me

Love Blockbuster

Love Uncrossing

Break Up Sweetly

Custom Love Spell

All prices on Spells May vary.

Money Spells

Money Drawing

Money Blockbuster
Bitch Give Me My Money 
Lucky Winnings Jar
All About The Benjamin’s
CEO Money

Sugar Daddy Attraction

Sugar Mama Attraction

Money Jar

Get New Job

Job Opportunity

Cleansing Spells​ & Rituals​





Hex/Curse Remover

Fiery Wall Of Protection

Miscellaneous Spells

Stop Gossiping Tapa Boca

Dominate Your Enemy

Law Enforcement

Road Opener

Addiction Kicker

Go Away And Don’t Come Back

Neighbors Go Away

Revenge Spell

Heavy Duty Hex


Hex You (Moderate)

Vinegar Jar (Light)

Quarrel Between Two People

Difficulty for  Your Ex And His New Wife/Girlfriend

Conjure Oils​ & Other

Magical Items

Money Oil

Come To Me Oil

Sugar Daddy Oil

Love Drawing Oil

Bend Over Oil

Three Thieves Vinegar

Hot Foot Powder

Learn more about our products and services by reading the answers to some Frequently Asked Questions.


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