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The Conjure Witch Disclaimer

The Conjure Witch and all Representatives of the Site/Page disclaims all liability. ALL SALES ARE FINAL THERE ARE NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES. The information contained on this site is for information purposes only, is subjective and may not apply to your specific situation. Results may vary from person to person. Must be 18+. All information is kept private and confidential. Your information will not be sold or given to a third party, You must be 18 years of age or older and by contacting Vivian you are doing so of free will, PLEASE READ TERMS AND CONDITIONS BEFORE PARTICIPATING IN ANY SERVICES THAT IS OFFERED BY the conjure witch OR REPRESENTATIVES. and associates does not warrant or assume any legal liability or responsibility for the quality, accuracy, completeness, legality, reliability or usefulness of any information, product or service represented on this website. The information and services provided by the conjure witch and associates are for educational, entertainment, and spiritual purposes only.

Anyone using the information on, whether medical, legal, business or other, does so at his or her own risk, and by using such information agrees to indemnify The Conjure Witch or and its content providers from any and all liability, loss, injury, damages, costs and expenses (including legal fees and expenses) arise from such use.

By either acknowledging that you have read this disclaimer or by digitally signing this form below by checking the digital signature box and entering my name below, I the undersigned, understand and acknowledge all of the following:

1. The conjure witch and associates is a non-traditional healing arts practitioner/healer, witch, and ordained minister, the conjure witch and associates is authorized by spiritual authority, not residing in this world and is therefore not to be confused or aligned with in any way, any traditional medical practice requiring licensing from any human agency, board, state, group, or person. The conjure witch and associates’ mission is to propagate faith and further the cause of religion, faith in God, and positive energy distribution. The conjure witch and associates demonstrates supernatural abilities for the sole purpose of serving God, helping to foster faith and knowledge about God in those who do not believe and to increase the faith of those who do, as well as demonstrating the power of God on a continual basis for the help and service to my fellow woman and man.

3. The services to be provided by the conjure witch and associates are not licensed by any physical/ human authority in the world.

4. The nature of the services the conjure witch and associates will provide to client are as follows: “When someone comes to me for my service, the client’s needs are revealed to me by God and spirit. Once those needs have been discovered I use a combination of psychic information, psychic energy and psychic touch (healing without physical contact) and spell casting to benefit and relieve the client. I don’t prescribe pills or medications. The conjure witch and associates uses a secret techniques and cleansing technique revealed to her by God on the client’s behalf to offer relief, benefit, healing, and cleansing of said client or the spaces the client has requested be healed or cleansed.

5. The theory of treatment upon which the services are based is as follows: the services described in 4 above can help release, eliminate, or obliterate blocks or negative energies or entities allowing cleaner energy to flow freely in one’s life and spaces. Also, allowing the client “freedom” from these energies whether on their person or in their spaces.

6. The conjure witch and associates educational, training, experience, and other qualifications regarding the services to be provided are as follows: I am a very non-traditional healing practitioner, witch, clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, clairalient, /HEALER versed in many non-traditional and secret spell casting .as a normal practice. From time to time ministers do swear, curse, cuss, or mimic or match the language of the customer or the (language of the times) for better understanding, for better absorption of knowledge and for better service provided to the customer or the person desiring or requesting knowledge. In addition to the above disclosures, which I have read, understood, and acknowledged, I also understand and acknowledge the following:

7. I authorize the conjure witch and associates to use their psychic information, physical contact, psychic touch and her secret healing modality as necessary for the delivery of services described in 4 above.

8. I recognize that the conjure witch and associates cannot guarantee results or any specific outcomes from our work together. I am solely responsible for any action taken based on my interpretation of any information presented. I exempt the Conjure Witch and from all liability, loss, injury, damages, costs and expenses (including legal fees and expenses) arising from such use as I understand that I alone assume all risks.

9. I understand that the conjure witch and associates has the right to refuse to continue delivering services at any time for any reason whatsoever.

10. I am not engaging the Conjure Witch for any medical services. I understand that the Conjure witch and associates does not diagnose or treat any medical conditions as a traditional, licensed healing arts practitioner and that the conjure witch and associates’ services are not designed to replace conventional/traditional treatment methods of medical conditions. I am aware that health care decision-making, both physical and mental, begins with my obtaining a complete medical evaluation by my primary care health provider including current health practices to develop a therapeutic treatment plan which enhances my health promotion and maintenance, reduces opportunity for untoward side effects or contraindications, and safeguards my health. I am aware that mental health care issues require care by an appropriately licensed health care professional. I am responsible for my own health care decision-making by obtaining any necessary consultations with appropriately licensed health care professionals.

11. I am of legal age (18) and knowingly, voluntarily, and intelligently decide to receive the services described in 4 above, and I knowingly, voluntarily, and intelligently assume all risks involved in the same. As a result of my assumption of these risks, I agree to release, indemnify, and defend the conjure witch and her agents from and against any and all claims which I (or my representatives) may have for any loss, damage, or injury arising out of or in connection with use of the services described in 4 above, or arising out of or in connection with referral to other practitioners or merchants for delivery of any services. I agree that the services are for entertainment purposes and for the distribution of spiritual knowledge by virtue of the conjure witch and her particular brand of interfaith ministering.

13. There are no refunds on any service provided by

To the fullest extent permitted by law The Conjure Witch and its contents is provided by The Conjure Witch and representatives on an “as is” and “as available” basis and no representations or warranties of any kind are made (and they are expressly disclaimed) with respect to or social media pages of TheConjureWitch. TheConjureWitch or its contents including, without limit, warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. Further, we do not represent or warrant that:

1. The service will meet your requirements;

2. The service will be uninterrupted, timely, secure, or error-free;

3. Any results obtained from using the services provided by The Conjure Witch or Representatives will be accurate, complete or current.

Limitations of Liability

The Conjure Witch and Employees’ services are in no way to be used as a replacement for physical, mental, or psychological therapy or assistance of a physician. The Conjure Witch and representatives’ services are in no way to be used as a replacement for Professional Legal or Financial advice. The Conjure Witch in no way claims to be medical doctors or certified therapists. If you are experiencing mental or physical pain, which may be a warning sign to see a physician or medical doctor. The Conjure Witch And employees recommend you seek medical advice immediately and acknowledges this is not a replacement for such.

The Conjure Witch readings are intended to allow greater awareness of a clients’ personal development and are not professional medical, legal or financial advice. The Conjure Witch Or representatives will not be held liable for loss of income, damages or emotional stress regarded to be caused by providing a service to clients.

The Conjure Witch And representatives will not be held responsible if the client perceives that the advice is not what was expected.

All visitors using this service must be 18 years or over.

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